Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WIFD Day 4

Unfortunately, today was another cold day. With that in mind, I dressed for warmth, again! I put on my microfiber tights, faux suede skirt that I made years ago, along with a cotton tank and cotton sweater by Christopher Banks. It's really hard to see in these pictures, but those black things that look like x's, are golf clubs along with tees and golf balls. For my hair, I parted it down the back and then twisted the pieces, separately, then I combine them together for another bit of twisting. Then I used one of those 'bird beak' clips to hold it all in place. I like this design as it's a bit different and it only takes a minute or so to put it up.

We were suppose to go outside to play hockey, but it was canceled, due to weather, much to my delight. We had snow and rain, on and off all day. I disliked the idea of standing outside in the cold, knowing I could be home, in a warm house, sewing on my projects. I was able to finish off one of my dresses, so hopefully, if the weather is good, tomorrow, I will share my fun, new project.

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Persuaded said...

Carol... I love this hairstyle! I am going to have to see if I can give it a try myself... my hair is straighter than yours so I'm not sure it will "comply" but I'm sure going to give it an attempt:)