Friday, May 22, 2009

WIFD Day 6 It's A Wrap Take 2

Picnic, anyone? Another sunny day expected for today. To coordinate in my wardrobe, I made another wrap dress using the same pattern as, yesterday, only this time I made it from a cotton gingham, the same gingham I used to trim the other dress. With this dress, I trimmed it using the cotton sateen from the previous dress. Blue, red and white are colours I have been adding to my wardrobe for the past year, along with my staple browns, greens and other earth tones. With my red hair turning more gray all the time, I find I am able to wear colours I never thought I could. It's been fun playing with my colours.

I have really been enjoying seeing the WIFD posts this time around. Lots of lovely outfits and all the hair pictures have been very inspiring. It's hard to believe the week is nearly finished.

After the week is up, I will post some pictures of the dresses on the dress form, for those wanting a closer look at details.

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