Wednesday, June 3, 2009

24 Years And Counting

I had hoped to do this post, earlier in the week, but we lost our wedding album. With all our renovations over the past few years, we keep moving things and losing them. The lost album in now found, so I thought I would share one of my sewing projects with all of you, from 24 years ago.

Long before I knew of sergers, I was finishing my seams with pinking shears and zig zag stitches. This dress was made using that finishing technique. It was really fun to pull out my dress, this week. Merissa was looking for some ideas for a project she was working on, so she dug out the box with my wedding clothes in it. When we unzipped the bag, holding the dress, I could *smell* the smells that reminded me of 24 years ago. :) Looking back over my sewing work has been fun. The dress was constructed very well, BUT the fitting on me, was less than perfect. Now when I see my wedding pictures, I just cringe as I see the one major area that needed attention, oh well. Twenty-four years later, I now know what to do. Too bad I can't go back and fix it up. I just have to humbly remember I did the best I could at the time. We had just finished Bible school and were on a small budget. While I usually enjoy lace and frills, for my dresses, I wanted elegant and simple. No lace, no ruffles, just simple satin that draped oh so beautifully. We had a wonderful day, even though it was very full. I'll save the story for next year, provided the Lord gives us another year.

Here are some pictures of the dress. There is the one in there of my father. I miss him very much. July marks 7 years since his passing, it's so hard to believe that time has marched on so quickly. I hope you enjoy the pictures and can laugh a bit with me, as you see my little fitting issues.

The dress

The Bride and Groom

Back of dress

My Dad

The dress, today, after coming out of the bag and box.

Just for fun, here is the engagement photo that was part of our wedding invitation, the napkin and the program.

I hope you have fun looking.

Just a note. If you click on the photos, you will see the full picture. I haven't figured out all the photo details for blogger. :)


Persuaded said...

Carol you looked so beautiful and full of joy, I couldn't see any fit issues at all... the dress was lovely♥

happy anniversary!

jennstar said...

So lovely Carol. I like the simple and elegant lines of the dress - and neither do I see any fitting issues. You have lost none of your radiance and joy: in fact, I believe it is sweeter then ever!
Hope you had a very special Anniversary - I look forward to getting in at least a quick "hello" this weekend :)

Mama Sewing said...

I really wish that I had been sewing 24 years ago so I could have sewn my wedding dress..what a treasure!

Congrats on your anniversary, you were a beautiful bride.

I still miss my Mom after 11 years--I often think of her and wish I could see her and talk to her. Thankfully I someday will be able to!

Janel said...

How sweet! I love your dress. I made my wedding dress too. I had serious fitting issues as well. You're in good company. ;)

And I have to say it, I still love, love, love your carpet! lol


Mrs. Rabe said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I found your blog from Tomato Soup Cake and also I am on the S&S board though I mostly just read...I need to pop over there as I haven't been on recently!

I love to see what you are sewing up!

Carol said...

Thank you all for you lovely comments. If you are unable to see the fitting issues, I will happily keep them to myself. :)

My wedding day was wonderful, even with a few glitches, the Lord greatly blessed us.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Hopefully I will be better about posting.

Blessings to you all,


Merissa said...

Aw...How romantic Mother!

I can definitely relate to smells triggering memories.... =)