Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bridal Shower Gift

Last May, we (Merissa, Olivia and I) had the privilege of attending a bridal shower, for a lovely young woman that I have known for 21 years. I thought I would share the gift we gave her, to help inspire others to think of different gifts you can give. I don't always like to give what's on a registry, so I try to be creative and practical, if I can. Staying on the theme of practical, I also went with 'green', since that's what we do these days, right? ;)

We started with the basket and built it up from there. One of my favorite Bridal shower gifts I received, when I was getting married, was Tupperware. I liked being able to have lovely storage containers for my left over food or just to put newly made food in for take along lunches. With that in mind, we added several of the lovely Pyrex glass containers with lids. We have these in our home and we love them. Next, we added some tea towels, as every new bride needs some of those, plus they help keep the glass Pyrex from getting broken in transportation. We had to add a little something from the children, so we made a few gift bags that they can now use to start their own collection for their family. I actually started this gift, with the apron. One of Emilie's colours for her wedding was brown. So of course, I had to make her a brown apron with some lovely cotton, brown gingham bias tape to go with it. I'll give more information on it in my next post, which will be about the apron. To go with her apron, I thought I would give her a special, OOP (out of print) apron pattern, for 'one day' when she has a daughter of her own, or to share with her many new nieces she just received by marrying into a lovely family. It's the prized Simplicity 7856 pattern that matches the mother's wrap apron pattern. For some reason, Simplicity never brought back the girl's version of the pattern. The green box that is holding all the pieces of the gift, is for shopping. We also added in some reusable shopping bags, to help them start their shopping trips. Last, but not least, I wrapped the gift in a cotton fabric, that can be made into a lovely apron. If you look closely, you can see it has the 'B Attitudes' written on it.

We had so much fun putting this gift together. What a lovely couple they are! :)

I apologize that these pictures are not terrific. It was last minute, just before running out the door, that I got the bright idea to take pictures of the gift. I hope the pictures help to inspire more interesting, fun gifts.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea. It has inspired me with Christmas present ideas!

Carol said...


I am glad it has given you some inspiration. If you are able, I would love to see what you come up with for gifts. :)