Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sewing Class projects

I know as a mum, we often times feel we need to do everything. I fall into that camp from time to time, especially when it comes to sewing projects. I find myself not wanting to purchase things that I know I can sew, but then, I don't have the time to actually make it, so then nothing ever gets done.

This same thing happens when it comes to teaching my own boys sewing. Sad? Maybe, but I can't teach everything. I have to pick and choose what I am going to teach and then allow others to help in the teaching process. I have taught my boys *some* sewing. They have used my machines and I have taught them how to trace out their patterns, onto trace-a-pattern interfacing, label their pieces and to store them. We all know, there's more to sewing then just that. They need to know about fabric and whether or not it has nap, one way direction, width of fabric, selvage edge etc. Well, I did teach them about selvage edge, but never had them actually cut their fabric out. So, this past week, I put them in a sewing camp with a wonderful instructor. Alison has so much energy and my boys really like her. On top of that, Alison has a lovely store, she offers great classes and has a wonderful assortment of fine fabrics and is expanding into more fabrics. I want to support her business, so putting my boys in her class was a win win situation. My boys learned how to use different machines and played with different features. Their class was for two hours a day for four days, since Monday was a holiday, otherwise it would have been 5 classes. My boys enjoyed themselves so much. They are eager to start more projects.

My boys learned how read their pattern instructions, follow instructions from their teacher, finish their raw edges, add pockets, insert elastic into the back of their pants, and all the other fine details that come with making a project. Alison allowed them to choose whatever project they wanted. This was a great first project for them.

Here are pictures of Samuel and Joel in their new pj bottoms. Samuel made pj shorts and Joel made pj pants. These are made from flannelet fabric with the camouflage print. Their shirts they are wearing don't match the pj's but that's OK.

I am eager to have my boys work on more projects, and sew ;) are they.


Mrs.Rabe said...

That is so awesome Carol! They did very well!

Courtney's Musings said...

That is wonderful Carol! Your boys did an awesome job and it looks like they had a good time! I love when boys learn skill like this that helps them later in life, even if it is just hemming their own pants and buttons, but to be able to make pants- WOW! :D