Saturday, September 19, 2009

Skirt Makeover

A couple of years ago, Anna published a tutorial on how to make a simple girly skirt. My daughter, Merissa, made my younger daughter, Olivia, three new skirts from this pattern. We altered the pattern by making it an elastic waist skirt, rather than a drawstring type closure. It's a simple circle skirt design, which worked wonderfully.

Olivia keeps getting taller and taller, and only slighter wider, which allows her to wear her clothes for a long time. Merissa gave a good length to the skirt, which has allowed Olivia lots of time to wear these skirts. However, it is now time to fix the skirts to make them so they are not as snug. The length is still fine and she could get lots more use out of these skirts, so I decided to take the skirt apart and make news ones from them. First, I unpicked the seam, then I took out the elastic.

Next, I added some a decorative, cotton, embroidered tape, where the seam had been. I overlapped the edges to give a wrap appearance to the skirt. Once the tape was sewn on, I then sewed the skirt shut, from the bottom to about 3 inches below the waist, so that Olivia could get in and out of the skirt. The waistband is closed with a hook and eye.

A Faux wrap skirt. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Josties coming to town

On September 15th, our local homeschool group will be having Dale and Lisa Jost sharing with us. Dale will be speaking on "being a Christian man in a post-Christian world and how to model it for our kids”. Lisa will be speaking on "building character into our children". Since these topics appeal to all parents, we would like to invite those who homeschool and those who do not, to join us for an evening of learning and growing.

On Wednesday, September 16th, the Josties will be sharing their musical talents with us. They will have just started their Western tour, and we are thrilled they will be stopping by to bless us. The concert will be held at Grace Baptist Church in, Airdrie at 7:00 p.m. Please come join us for a wonderful evening.

If you have any question about either event, please feel free to contact me.