Saturday, January 30, 2010

Up For Air

Life has been very full and busy for the last while.

Over the course of the next few days, I will be sharing some projects I have been working on in the past month.

I'll start with the dress I made for Olivia's birthday. I have been making a tradition out of making Olivia a birthday dress each year. This year, her dress was not quite done on the actual day, but it was close. She saw the dress for her birthday, but had to wait for it to be finished, and then she was sick, so she hasn't even done a final photo shoot for me, with the dress on. Here it is on the dress form. The dress form is a wee bit big for her size, but I squeezed it on there.

This is a fun vintage pattern. Somewhere out there is the adult woman's sized pattern, but I have yet to score that one. I would love a matching 50's, full skirt dress. :)

The dress is made from blue linen and cotton print fabric. As per usual, you have to add length to these vintage dresses.

Maybe in the next few days I can get Olivia to wear the dress, at least for pictures. It's still a bit cool out there, although, she would be wearing a sweater with it anyway. If we get that picture taken, I will be sure to post it.