Monday, February 15, 2010

Olivia's Modern Day Garments for the show

Here are Olivia's modern day garments for the Pink & Red Charity event. These were designed to be worn under her 1937 dress, so that we could 'tear away' her '37 dress, to reveal her modern skirt and blouse, representing a survivor.

The pattern I used for her skirt is the Redondo Skirt Pattern, made from the linen/cotton blend fabrics from our collection. The pretty fabric flower button was made by Merissa, following these instructions. Her wool barrette was purchased, on sale, for $3 and matched the red, perfectly. I added the linen/cotton covered button to tie in with the outfit. The Red Dress Symbol Olivia is wearing on her shirt, is taken from the Heart Association. My sister Cathy traced it out and then sent me the PDF and I just played with the size to get it where I wanted it, then transferred it onto the fabric for a pin. We added the pink ribbon to tie in the Breast Cancer symbol.

The blouse pattern used for Olivia's modern day garment comes from You Can Make This and we chose the Wrap Top/Dress Pattern making only a few changes to the blouse. When I test fitted the muslin, it was right on for sizing, which was great, since I was in a hurry. The blouse also has the Cotton voile, white with red polka dot fabric, to tie in with our 'collection'.

Olivia will be at the Charity show in Seattle and will have fun being with her aunties, friend (Dawn) and mum. :)

Olivia officially has three outfits to wear to that event, I guess we can choose just one, since I don't think we will be on the run way. ;)



jennstar said...

Very pretty!
I noticed Olivia missing tooth - pass on our congratulations! :)

Carol said...

Hi Jen,

That picture was taken just days before she lost her other front tooth. If you go to this post: you can see she is missing both of her top front teeth. She is singing "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth".......

I passed on your message and she smiled,nice and big. :)

Mama Sewing said...

I just love your idea of taking off the "old" to reveal the "new"! You really have outdone yourself with all of these beautiful outfits!
I also noticed Olivia's missing teeth, those pictures are precious.