Monday, February 1, 2010

The picture

Here is Miss Olivia, in the dress. We had another dress to take photos of tonight, so we had her put this dress on, too.

The dress is a little big on her, but not too bad.

It's another twirly dress so she's happy with it. :)


Mama Sewing said...

That is Adorable! I just love the blue on Olivia, the color suits her so well.

Carol said...

Nice to see you, Cheryl! I really like the colour, too. I really wanted to make a red and white one, but with all the red and pink garments I have been making lately, the blue was a nice change. :)


Persuaded said...

Carol, what a little beauty she is! And the dress suits her so well. There is just something wonderful about those vintage patterns.... sigh♥