Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Walk away dress for little girls

What little girl doesn't like to twirl around in a full dress? Olivia enjoys her full skirted dresses or skirts. She has a lovely petticoat that once belonged to her big sister that she makes full use of.

To top it all off, in less than two weeks, Olivia has lost her two, upper front, teeth. :) She's learning that those 'S' sound words are more difficult to say. :)

A little more spinning.

The patterns used:

I'm still working on this pattern, the walk away dress pattern, trying to iron out some of the fitting issues from the original pattern. The main change I have done thus far is to turn the straight skirt portion into a 1/2 circle, to match the back portion of the dress. This helps to balance the weight of the dress on the shoulders. I think the pattern is a bit wide,too, not just because Olivia is a little bit thin. I found the newer, re-issued pattern for adult women, to be a bit big through the neckline as well. I will play with this a bit more to get it tweaked.

I had started this version of the dress, last summer. I abandoned it to get other things done.

While working on all the pink and red garments for the Charity event, seeing this lovely dress on my petite dress form kept calling to me to finish it I did. I entered it, last minute, into the contest. It was what I used to push me to get it done. I posted it, just minutes past the deadline, so I don't think it will actually make it into the contest. I had difficulty getting the pictures loaded at the BurdaStyle website. The difficulties caused a delay in the uploaded and posting of the project, oh least the dress is finished....goal accomplished. :)


Mrs.Rabe said...

Very cute, Carol.

Mama Sewing said...

I just love it and it sure looks like Olivia does too! I hope it got into the contest.
btw, I am so jealous, I have wanted this pattern for a long time and haven't been able to find it. :(

Carol said...

Thank you Mrs. Rabe. :)

Cheryl, if I can get the fitting issues worked out, I will happily offer this pattern up for those wanting it. Until I know if this particular dress made it into the competition, I don't really want Olivia wearing it, just in case I have to save it for the fashion show. However, I don't really think it will win the top 10, so I will probably have her start wearing it and putting it to the test, very soon, just to make sure things work well.

So far, the fuller skirt works much, much better then the straight front with the 1/2 circle wrap.

I'll keep your posted. :)