Sunday, October 17, 2010

Off The Sewing Machine

Olivia's second knit Regency nightgown is finished. For this one, I used the same pattern, Girls' Regency Dress Pattern and with this one, I used the front bodice piece to make both the front and back bodice of the nightgown. I took the shoulder seam and brought it up to the shoulder. I scooped out the neckline a bit more, making the front a tiny bit lower then the back. I also lengthened the bodice once again, to give more growing room for Olivia.

I bound the neckline and the sleeves with fold over elastic which worked really well. Olivia liked the shiny blue of the elastic, so we used the shiny side instead of the dull side. To help Olivia know her front from her back bodice, I made the seam on the neckline at center back.

To be young again to be able to spin and have fun.........sweet dreams.....


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Courtney's Musings said...

Your two nightgowns are beautiful. They look very comfortable too! I can't believe how big Olivia is getting!