Saturday, October 16, 2010

On The Sewing Machine

Miss Olivia grew so much this past summer, she needs almost a whole new wardrobe. I am happy to oblige in producing one for her. We are waiting for that new 1780's Girls' pattern, so while we continue to wait, I have started making some nightgowns.

The first nightgown is done. Using my tried and true Girls' Regency Dress Pattern and some cotton knit fabric, I made Olivia a nightgown. I changed up the pattern by drafting out the back side seams, bringing the shoulder seams onto the shoulders, making and open front, rather then back and lengthening the bodice. I wanted it a bit big so she will hopefully get a couple years wear out of it.

Olivia waited so patiently for me to get this done. She's one happy girl, playing and having fun.

Next fabric on the sewing machine is:

This nightgown will be slightly different. It will be a pull over the head style.

Good Night and sweet dreams.


jennstar said...

Very sweet! A new nightgown is such a special thing.

Carol said...

Hi Jenny,

I love knew nightgowns! :) Olivia is very happy and I look forward to finishing the second one for her. Then I can weed out the old garments. :P

SarahElisabeth said...

Lovely nightgowns. The expression on Olivia's face makes me want to laugh-she looks as though she is trying so hard not to laugh!