Sunday, November 14, 2010

Girls' Regency Dress Pattern

Over at the Sense & Sensibility web site, Jennie has a little contest going on. She asked us to share about our favorite pattern from her line. Well, I have one, with a second close behind. My dear Olivia has received many garments I have made for her from using the Girls' Regency Dress Pattern but I have also paired many of those dresses and other garments made from that pattern with the Girls' Pinafore & Pantaloons Pattern. The reasons I have so enjoyed using these patterns are that they are simple to put together, you can make such a wide variety of different garments with the patterns and they are true to size. By having these patterns, true to size, it makes it incredibly easy to make up a dress for a friend's child for a gift, without the child present, and they always come out looking great.

I like to look outside the 'pattern envelope' to design things my daughter needs. Much like a loved recipe is a 'guide line' so are the patterns, when they are in my hands. ;)

I have said many times over, I probably owe Jennie for the patterns as I have used them so many times.

In this collage you can count 20 squares in which you will find 20 different outfits I have made using these two patterns and while you won't find 20 pairs of pantaloons in the pictures, you will find 20 Girls' Regency Dress Pattern. I have used the The Pantaloons Pattern more then 20 times as I would often make several pairs at any one time for pantaloons made out of wool or cotton batiste. Olivia has worn through many pairs of these pantaloons and she has outgrown them as well. I teamed up the Pantaloons pattern with the dress to come up with a couple of swim dresses and a gym dress too. Truly two great patterns.

So, in my home, these two patterns have seen the most use on my sewing table and the garments have made my Miss Olivia one happy, well dressed little girl.

More of these dresses are planned in the near future. It's my go to pattern for special dresses and in a blog post found HERE I learned about a special project that is going on called, "Destiny Dresses". The creator of this project makes special dresses for girls overseas who would otherwise not get special dresses. The story that lead the creator to set this up is incredibly sad. I have dresses dancing in my head for those I want to make for this project. :)

This next picture I took many years ago. They were several of the garments I made from those two patterns. I have since given away all of those clothes.



Anonymous said...

Oh Carol...

This is so beautiful!!! I am going over to the site to see if I could help.

What a fantastic way to use the talents that Our Lord has bestowed upon us sewers :)


Carol said...

Hi Maria,

I should mention that in the story, Karyn speaks of the woman who created "Destiny Dresses" and her name is "Carol", but its not me. I do not have a FC account, so I cannot read up more on the stories. I am a supporter of Compassion Canada and we sponsor two children.

This is a cause I would love to support.

Thanks for stopping by,