Friday, November 19, 2010

Toile 1780s Girls' Portrait Dress

Merissa says I have a live dolly to dress up and accessorize, I think she's right.

Here is Olivia's second 1780s Girls' Portrait Dress, done up in a lovely, soft cotton toile fabric. I used a light, plain weave, blue silk fabric for the hat and sash. I lined the bodice of the dress in some white linen. I wanted the dress to be able to close in the back and stay closed, so I opted to use buttons. Not wanting to draw attention to the buttons, I covered the buttons in the same fabric as the dress. Olivia has her linen bodiced petticoat that I made for her other dress, on underneath this dress. This bodiced petticoat will get lots of wear out of it.

I will write more about the dress on another post and some of the changes I did. For tonight, I want to leave you with some fun pictures that we took of her today. Most pictures were taken by big sister Merissa, but I did manage one or two in there...but obviously the one's by Merissa are much better. ;)

Sleep well......



jennstar said...

What an amazing dress! Your attention to detail and quality of work shines through Carol!
You do have a live dolly there - an very lovely one. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Carol,

What a beautiful young girl :) The dress is also quite pretty did a superb job, but I did not expect anything less.

Be Blessed!


Mama Sewing said...

What a gorgeous dress - for a gorgeous girl!
(Although I have to admit that your pictures of the snow made me shiver!)

Breanne said...

I passed on your greetings to Kendra and we did indeed have a lovely time together.

I LOVED looking through your blog. Wow. So beautiful and feminine. I used to look through Jennie Chancey's site and make notes for when I had my own little girl....=)