Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WIFD Day 3 Nov. '10

Today is a brisk morning, but we are hoping for a high of about 5 C.

I am wearing a linen skirt and slip made form the same Burda 8213 pattern, along with Lands' End blouse, tights and linen scarf. The jacket comes form Sears form about 3 years ago.

Olivia dressed herself this morning, putting on a skirt that her cousin made, using fabric she was gifted from our family from a few years back. Olivia is also wearing a top from Please Mum, from a year ago. Olivia liked the idea of wearing her lovely wool cloche that we purchased on sale when we were in the states, back in Feb. for Sewing Expo. She really enjoys that hat. :)

In the second picture, Olivia is back at her 'school work' playing the piano and singing. I love listening to her play and she obviously enjoys her 'work'.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day.



Anonymous said...


I am really enjoying seeing your lovely outfits these past few days :) Especially the ones your adorable daughter wears...

Thank you for sharing,


Carol said...

Dear Maria,

Thank you for your kind comment. It's wonderful to have stop by and visit.

I took the liberty of visiting your blog yesterday. You are precious! May the Lord continue to strengthen and encourage you in your faithful walk with Him.

Blessings to you,


SarahElisabeth said...

Really enjoying these posts. The high of 5C made me laugh. It went down to 3.5 here the other day-we thought it was really cold!

Carol said...

Hi Sarah,

We are already going down to minus 11 for overnight lows. This next week they are talking about snow. We have had a wonderful autumn...no complaints here. :)

I guess I better start sewing up some warm weather skirts.