Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIFD Day 4 Nov. '10

Another brisk Fall morning here.

Today I am wearing my Salsa skirt made out of slinky fabric, along with a cotton turtleneck from Lands' End and a cotton knit sweater from a store last spring, I can't recall the name of it. I just saw the wonderful price and snapped it up, along with a few others in various colours. When I can't purchase the fabric for the price of the ready made garment, and the ready made garment is at an excellent price, it's not difficult to decide what I am going to do. :) I also have on a very old pair of leather boots, old April Cornell scarf, Lands' End tights and one of my ever faithful linen slips. The linen slip really warms things up for me and it makes it so nothing sticks to the tights. :)

Olivia is wearing her Edwardian Easter outfit along with her hand me down Joche leather boots.

Today we had an errand to run in the big city. I have a wonderful East Indian store I like to go to and purchase silk fabric. They have a 'plain weave' silk that feels like a light weight silk taffeta. It's perfect for what I want to do. This time, they also had some embroidered silk of the same weight. The prices were very, very good. I am really looking forward to playing with the new silk. First though, I must get it all washed before that, and since I hang dry silk, it will take a few days to get is all washed up.

Aren't they just beautiful? :)


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Anonymous said...

Oh my those fabrics are just luscious! I really like your boots...they look so nice with the skirts :)