Monday, November 29, 2010

Wool Salsa Skirt = Warmth




= this

A warm, wool Salsa skirt. The pattern used was from the MacPhee Workshop store, in Edmonton, Alberta. Linda MacPhee patterns have been around for 25+ years. This is a simple pattern with great results.

I used this wool fabric to whip up this wonderful skirt. Taking this skirt, teaming it up with my winter petticoat makes for a very, very warm garment to wear in freezing cold temperatures.

For those who don't know, my winter petticoat was made a couple of years ago. It is made from two layers of linen and on the inner layer, facing the top layer, the lower 2/3 of the skirt is quilted with silk. The two layers are stitched together at the waistband, leaving the two layers to be free to trap in the air, making it very warm. Quilted petticoats were very common in the 1800's. This is not one of those full petticoats, but a slim style, allowing it to fit under my modern skirts and dresses. It's wonderful to take sewing techniques from the past and applying them to our modern garments. No need to reinvent what was already so wonderfully invented. :)

Bring on the freezing cold temperatures, I am ready. :)



Mrs.Rabe said...

I really, really like that skirt Carol!

Anonymous said...

Oh Carol...this is just beautiful! What a fun skirt you made - perfect for winter and it adds such a nice touch to your wardrobe.

I know about petticoats...I wear mine made out of linen also ;)

Be blessed dear friend,


jennstar said...

I love that skirt, Carol. I have been looking for a warm, dressy gray or slate winter skirt - maybe I'll make one. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the skirt Carol, very pretty and I love how it flows without adding bulk! I'm so short, I wonder if it would work for me, is it easy for someone who is more accustomed to quilting and less to sewing garments?

Carol said...

Thank you ladies.

You know, 'easy' is relative. I will write a post with a bit more information on this pattern and the different fabrics I have used. Perhaps that will give more helpful, useful information. ;)

Good-night! :)


appledapple said...

I so 'get' what you mean by easy being a relative term. I look forward to that post!

Anonymous said...

Kathryn, I'm 5'3" and I just love this skirt. I shorten the pattern from the waist. It's really easy to alter this way.

And because I've got a large hip to waist ratio, I also taper in the panels toward a smaller waist. - Again, pretty easy.

In fact, I've even made this without a mock-up (Did I just SAY that???!!!) because it’s so easy to modify from the waist of the skirt.


Anonymous said...
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