Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Running the race......

Well, not exactly a race, but jogging anyway.

Seven years and counting, by the grace of God!

These are my new running shoes. I figured out the other day I must go through at least two or three pairs of new running shoes a year and in the end they all look just about as new as they did in the beginning, but they are no longer good. Since Jan. 4th, when I got these new shoes, I have already put on about 18 miles.

In this picture you see two items important to my over all exercise program. Running shoes and the treadmill. Those shoes are sitting on the belt of the treadmill. :) It was my goal 7 years ago, to start a fitness program I could continue. Nothing fancy. No big and lofty goals. Just a healthy exercise program that would allow me the privilege to keep active. I wanted something attainable and sustainable. With winters here that are freezing cold and gravel roads that are less then ideal for walking on, I needed a no excuse way to exercise and keep me moving. Also, at the time I started this, my youngest child was just turning 2 years old, so being in the house, close at hand, was also important to me.

The reason the shoes look as good as they do at the end of their supportive life is because I only use them for the treadmill. I do not use them outside my bedroom, as that's where the treadmill is. :) I can wake up, roll out of bed and say "good morning" to my faithful friend.

Besides all the shoes I have gone through, I have gone through two treadmill belts. I suspect another belt is needed, soon, but for the past couple of years, my eldest daughter has helped me wear this belt down.

This goal was important to me and still is. I have had injuries along the way, but continued to keep up my program. Even if I can only walk, slowly and for a short period of time, with an injury, I made sure to do it. I wanted no excuses for not getting on the treadmill. Because I have made it a priority in my life, I am able to make time for it. I find it best to exercise in the morning, before getting going on other things. That's not the way it always works, but mostly that's how it works.

Over the years, this has become my favorite time to pray. This past year that time of prayer was very, very heavy. I was under a greater spiritual exercise in pouring out my heart to God. My prayer muscle along with my bodily muscles were working harder then they ever had.

I am so, so grateful to have made it this far in my goal to remain active. Who knows how long we are able to keep such activities up, but as long as I am able, my desire is to continue on this path. I always feel so much better and full of energy getting off the treadmill.

I always feel like I need to tell people I know I am not the *poster child* to look at me and think I am active, but I am. I am always encouraged when the physical tests come back stating that *inside* my body, all looks great. With a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and of course, breast cancer, I am thankful to at least be physically active.

Being active is not the miracle cure to not getting sick. Even if I got very ill tomorrow, I am thankful to have had all this time to stay physical.

So if your goal is to be more active this year, may I encourage you to select a program that is realistic and attainable. Keep it something that you can add into your lifestyle and keep at it for the long haul.

Blessings to all,



SarahElisabeth said...

Enjoyed this-I need to build in some exercise but aren't quite sure how or when yet!

Merissa said...

Oh goodness yes. Prayer time while exercising is one of the best things ever. Whether it's on the treadmill or out under His sky. =)