Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sisters.....Sort Of!

At the beginning of January, I took advantage of the Fabricland New Year's Madness Sale. On those few days of the sale, they put everything on sale, including their dress forms. I have longed to have a child sized dress form, to help with designs and fittings. Poor Olivia, who is a very good sport by the way, has to try on and off her garments I make for her, all the time. She's getting a bit more antsy these days, not quite standing tall or needing to itch that foot, again. ;) So....I took the plunge and purchased a child sized dress form.

As I was trying on Olivia's recently complete 1780s dress, I was sure would be nice to keep this one at Olivia's size, and have another one to adjust up and down to make other garments for other little girls.

Last Monday, "Olivia's" double became available. A lady was selling off her child sized dress form, which is the exact same size as my "Olivia" form, and she cost 1/2 of the sale price I paid for the new dress form. What a deal! I have never seen a child sized dress form for sale, second hand. This was the first time I saw one available, and I was fortunate enough to be the first to call on it. I discovered it only 11 minutes after it went up for sale. What a joy!

So now, I can really play. I have some lovely, practical dresses dancing around in my head for the project Destiny Dresses. I am looking forward to playing with the 'twins'. :) I guess I better figure out a name for the new twin. ;)

Happy Sewing.....



Erica said...

hi! I just found your blog through Jenny Chancey's pattern site (love all your creations...and thanks to you finally figured out how to make swimdresses for my little sisters) I checked out that link to Destiny Dresses, and I would love to be involved! I'm not on fb, but how do I get involved/ know who/where to send dresses?

Carol said...

Hi Erica, lovely to have you visit!

I was trying to find an email contact for you, but I couldn't. If you are on the S&S forum, you can send me a u2u and my handle is my name, "Carol". :)

I do not have a FB page either. The Destiny Dresses FB page is an open page. If you do not have a block on getting to that page, you can see the contact information on it. It has Carol Shaefer's name, address and email address. If you look on the left side bar of the page, it has the mission statement for the ministry. :) If you could tell me how to contact you, I will be happy to do so.

Here's the Destiny Dresses FB page:

I hope that's helpful.

Blessings to you,


Erica said...

thanks! my e-mail is