Friday, February 25, 2011

And They Are Off.......

I had to put some thought into the packaging of these dresses. I have no clue as to who will be carrying these packages in their suitcases to be delivered to special girls. I was in a struggle to think through best ways to ship these and taking into consideration the person who puts this in their suitcase, especially with restrictions on baggage. While I am sure these are not perfect, I prayed for direction to try and get this as best as I can.

Everything I added to the package, adds weight for the person carrying the gift. Even fully lining the dress worried me as to the weight of the dress, both for the person packing the dress in their suitcase, but also for the women who will be carrying their baskets of laundry to streams to be washed. They don't have wringers to wring out the wetness like we do with our lovely modern washing machines. I hope I get good feedback on whether or not this was too much and then where to scale back. With the second two dresses, I did take out fullness to the skirts and the lining....for fear of too much weight for shipping and washing.

Here are the dresses stacked on the table, being assembled to go in a box to be shipped north, before they are distributed to others who will be carrying them off to other lands.

Here is one of the dresses with the baggy of notions to go with it.

Here are the dresses is their new cotton gift bags.

Here are the dresses in a clear plastic bags, labeled with size.

Here is the box, ready to be shipped off......which was done on Wed. :)

Yes, I know the box is upside down, but that's what happens when you break down shipping boxes and reassemble them the wrong way. :) Oops!

On to the next projects. :)


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