Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Details for the dresses

Here are a few pictures of some of the details that I wanted to add to the dresses and packages.

Here is a picture of the extra button, sewn on the inside of the dress, between the skirt and lining. I just so happen to have the exact colour of cotton twill tape to attach the button to, for sewing it on. I was trying hard to use up stash with these projects.

People who know me, know I enjoy using cloth bags for giving gifts. I also use tea towels and that sort of thing to wrap up gifts. Because I wanted this to be special, I made up some cotton gift bags.

Because I do not know where these dresses will end up, ultimately, I decided to put a put a few necessary items in a plastic baggie to go with each of the dresses. I wound some thread, two colours, onto little plastic floss bobbins. For the dress I used ribbon on the sleeves, I added extra ribbon onto another bobbin. I also included a sewing needle to aid in the process of mending the dress, should they need to do that.

I am having fun with this project. :)


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