Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dress #3 In The Works

Dress #3 is being worked on. Here are the fabrics I am working with to produce another dress, similar to the other two. A lovely printed cotton for the dress, cotton muslin for the skirt lining and another silk blend sash.

I will be using the Girls' Regency Dress Pattern again, but with similar changes that I made in the previous two dresses.

I'm looking forward to having another dress ready for another special girl somewhere in the world. :)


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Mama Sewing said...

Carol, your ministry to others through Destiny Dresses using your wonderful sewing skills, time and love is just such a wonderful blessing.
I went to the website describing the ministry and I just about cried thinking about those dear little ones who are so abused and abandoned by their families to such a life. What a wake up call to us to use our time and talents for the Lord.