Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back from Sewing Expo!

Last week I was in Sewing School. :)

For the past several years, at this time of year, I head down to the Seattle area, Puyallup, to be exact, to attend the Sewing Expo. While there, I book myself full with classes. Some of my classes are 45 minutes long, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 2.5 hours and then there are the 4 hour classes. Lots to do and learn. I come home with my head so full of new ideas, techniques learned, some re-learned, confidence for trying new, more complicated for me things....and a wonderful time with my sisters, sharing in a love of the art of sewing. This year, my sister Mary was unable to attend with us. Mary is still undergoing her radiation treatment for breast cancer, but we hope and pray she will be with us next year.

Olivia joined me on the trip again this year, which was great fun! While she spent most of the time with my mum at her home, on the last day of classes, she attended a class with me on draping, with the instructor, Jan Bones. Olivia got to see how you drape a pattern piece, on a body, to create a garment. It was fun. Olivia has a little doll sized dress form that she can attempt to drape and practice her skills. Olivia was at the Expo all day. She did very well and enjoyed herself. She is asking to attend again next year! Music to my ears. :)

In the coming days, I hope to share a few of the things I learned and saw at the Expo. It's truly a wonderful place to take classes. This particular expo is well known for the focus on garment sewing. I feel incredibly blessed to attend this event. I am thankful!

Off to read up on some patterns I purchased and start a list on what I want and need to do first. :)

Sleep well,



Anonymous said...

I have never attended an of them .... they sound like so much fun! :-)


Carol said...


They are loads of fun and lots of learning, at least for me. :) Going to Expo is one of the highlights I have come to look forward to each year. :)