Friday, March 11, 2011

Fabric Printing Software and Notions

Here's an assortment of tools I purchased and took home with me from Expo.

First of all, have you ever wanted to design your own fabric? I have thought about this lots, lately, and one of the classes I was able to take at expo gave me the inspiration I need to get started on this adventure. After taking the class, I purchased the software, Fabric Studio Deluxe which allows you to design and print your own fabric. You can print off your own printer, OR you can design and send off your fabric to have yardage of your fabric printed off. This year, I am hoping to get some of my own fabric designed and printed....that should be fun!

Fold over elastic, have you ever used it? I have started using fold over elastic and I love it. If you have not used this product before, you may want to give it a try. It comes in a few different widths. I have used the 1" fold over, meaning it's a 1/2" once it is folded over. At Expo, I purchased 5/8" fold over elastic, which means when folded over it will be just over 2/8". Fold over elastic has two sides to it, the shiny side and the dull side. I have used both sides, depending on what I am using the elastic on and what I want for the desired outcome. Here is a picture of the elastic with the shiny and then the dull side.

Cotton lace is a favorite of mine. Wide cotton lace in particular, calls my name. One of the sellers comes back year after year, bringing lots of wonderful laces, including beautifully embroidered, cotton laces of various widths. His name is Luc and I always appreciate doing business with him. Luc is from the Netherlands. He informed us this year that the wider width cotton laces are no longer being manufactured, by the same company he has purchased from for years. This was a family owned and operated business and they decided to close down. Luc has a supply for the next couple of years, but then that's it. :(

Lots of projects dancing around in my head. I will have to organize it all so I can prioritize and *remember* what it is I want to accomplish. ;)


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Janel said...

Oh Carol! I love, love, love the lace! It's perfect. : )

You'll have to let me know how the fabric printing goes. I think that would be a great thing to do.