Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pendleton Wool + Oliver +S pattern = pretty!

Here are two pieces of wool I purchased from Pendleton Wool, just a few minutes before the Expo was over. Rather than thinking what I would like to make with this wool, I am taking my cue from Pendleton and the display they had at Expo. They used the Oliver + S Sunday Brunch pattern and made the jacket from the plaid and the skirt from the solid wool. I loved the colours and Olivia liked them too. So, if all goes well, that is what we will do with these pieces of wool. Pendleton had a great price on their wool at the show and on Sunday, there was a bonus coupon for an additional 5% off. The price of the wool pieces were very reasonable. My wool is washed and ready to dive into, when I have a bit of time. ;)

I picked up these two pieces of light, dress weight wool for $5 a yard, plus 5% off. I had just looked at this fabric the day before and it was much more expensive. I lucked out on the last day of the expo. Nice wool for my 'stash'. :)

More on expo tomorrow.

Sleep well....



Janel said...

Those look great Carol! I can't wait to see it done up. : )

Carol said...

I have to prioritize my sewing right now. Hopefully this one will get sewn fairly soon.

I have thought of you and your plastic wrap. I will have to send you a note very soon. ;)

Janel said...

I'm soo slow about getting back to blogging. I'm just now feeling like we're getting into a rhythm since Rich's mom moved in in October. (Did I you know his dad died in September? I can't remember.)

I so hope to get how tos of plastic wrap slopers up soon! Of course, soon is relative and could be 2 months from now. lol