Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oliver + S Ice Cream Social Dress

This is Olivia's new Oliver + S dress.  It is made form the Ice Cream Social Dress Pattern .  I made the dress from a medium weight  embroidered cotton twill.  I chose to change the pattern up a bit.  I lengthened the dress by 4", adding the 4" between the bottom of the middle section and the hem of the dress. 

For the yoke, I added 1/2" to the bottom of it, so that I could assemble the yoke differently.  After reading some of the reviews on the forums for the Oliver + S site I knew I wanted to do things a little differently.  By adding the extra 1/2" to the bottom of the yoke, I was able to assemble the back yoke pieces slightly differently.  I was able to stop my sewing 1" before the end of the center back yoke pieces.  That left me with 1" to sew the back pieces together, giving the yoke a solid seam line, allowing me to put the dress back piece in much easier.  I will try to explain this and show pictures in my next posting on the dress.

I chose to stitch the skirt portion of the dress to the outside of the yoke pieces, stitching the inside yoke by hand.  The pattern calls to do this differently and perhaps one of these times I might do it that way.  I like hand stitching and this was a nice project to take along to stitch.

The dress assembles together easily.  I am playing with this pattern to get ideas for making dresses for Destiny Dresses and to do so in a way that is simple and quick.  This is an excellent pattern, easily put together with clear instructions.  The length for the dress is short for my liking, but that is easily adjusted. :)



SinginginHisName said...

Its such a fun, girly dress! I always enjoy seeing all the outfits you sew for Olivia. I pray someday I will be able to sew up my children's clothing as well! God bless you Carol!

In Christ,

Mama Sewing said...

Another great dress- it looks so cool and comfortable.
I have been lurking around some, just never commenting-it's great to see what you have been up to!

Carol said...

Hi Rebecca,

You are so, so sweet. I look forward to one day seeing all your lovely creations for your family, Lord willing. :)

Cheryl, wonderful to 'see' you. Thanks for stopping by. ;)

Dulantha said...

Nice looking feminine dress.

Girls must be feminine from younger ages.