Monday, June 6, 2011


We finally took pictures of Olivia's swimdress. Unfortunately, it was at night, before getting ready for bedtime. No sunshine or beautiful green outdoor pictures. Olivia decided to be was quite funny.

The patterns used were the Girls' Regency dress Pattern and Girls' Pantaloon pattern. The skirt portion of the swimdress was just a rectangular piece of fabric that I gathered and attached to the pantaloon part of the dress. I re-purposed an old swimdress of her sisters that was hardly used, but the material was too good to throw away, so I used it for this one. I'm not excited about this swimdress, I liked the older one better. The suplex for the skirt in the older one is very nice. I think I might go back to that style for the next one. With the way she is growing these days, I could easily see needing to make another one before the summer is out....maybe.

At least Olivia had a swimdress to wear in time for lessons and now the lessons are more than half way finished. :)

Good night,



Lisa said...

Goodness, look at her poses - I can picture her on the runway! It's really cute. (Did you have these pretty lemons in the background before - I didn't notice them.)

Carol said...

Hi Lisa! :)

She was just tired and silly. I have never seen her do this before, it was quite funny.

I just changed the blog look a bit. I hope you like it. :)

I must get back for a visit at your blog. I like to come visit. :)