Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beautiful Distractions.....And Projects On The Go.....

I had good intentions of getting some sewing done, but we had two very delightful, wonderful distractions that didn't quite allow me to get as much work done and I had hoped, but that's just fine.  These two precious boys stayed with us for a good week.  We were so fortunate to have them.  Lots of giggles, love and laughter in the house....just what we needed.

They were intrigued with the sewing machine and serger and really wanted to help.  We chatted about what the machines were doing and how they work and what I was making. They were eager helpers. 

Here is the project I am working on....hopefully it will be done very soon. :)

Good Night All!



Lisa said...

Love that fabric! Ideal.

motherof5 said...

You are kind Carol,I found having extras hard work.
Good on you for making a positive out of it.
Thank you for your help in the forum.

Carol said...

Oh, Nicole, I loved it!!! Nothing like precious children to help bring joy into a busy world. :) It is more work, but I have lots of hands to help, so it was great.

Nice to see you!