Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cowgirl Meets Camo.....Oliver + S

I had some girl camo fabric in my stash and Olivia had been wanting a dress or shirt made from it. We decided to do it now, because her brothers received new camo t-shirts. Using for the first time, the Oliver + S Hopscotch dress pattern, I whipped up a dress for Olivia.

The dress matches Olivia's cowgirl hat, and she put it altogether with her boots. The boots aren't exactly cowgirl style, but they will be a good substitute.

Joel thought Olivia needed a gun for when mummy took here is Olivia hamming it up with a gun. She was being very silly.

The pattern came together very quickly. I am finding that these patterns tend to run a bit smaller from their published 'body' measurement sizing. I bumped Olivia up to the size 12 pattern and it came out perfectly. The length was good for her and the width worked well too. I have another dress cut out in some lovely butterfly fabric. and I am hoping to have that sewn together very soon.

Olivia had another cowgirl hat from earlier in the summer. We decided to purchase it because of the 'breast cancer' logo on it. One and a half years ago, Olivia participated in The Pink & Red Charity Event at Sewing Expo in Puyallup, Washington. Little did we know just how much more our lives would be affected by breast cancer. This past year, from Aug. to Dec., two more sisters were diagnosed with the disease. Life is a precious gift. We are learning to treasure it more each day.



motherof5 said...

Olivia looks very groovy in her new dress.

That is a tiny gun,what type is it? Is it a 'BB' gun I used to read off in books as a child?

Carol said...

Olivia was being quite the ham. Do your girls ever wear camo or desire to wear camo fabric garments? I'm not sure if that's popular fabric where you live. Where I live, it's very popular in so many things.

It's not a real gun, Nicole. :) It's a toy pop type gun...old. :) The children have great fun with it. Perhaps it's time to teach Olivia had to use the real pellet and "BB" gun. ;)


Janel said...

lol Adorable. She needs Ariana's pink cowgirl boots to match. ; )

Carol said...

Janel, we tried for pink cowgirl boots, but they were out of her size. ;) Maybe next time. :)

Isylla said...

So nice!