Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sewing Expo Day One

Today was our first official day of classes.  The first official day of the expo is tomorrow, Thursday the 28.

My sister, Cathy and Olivia and I took the class titled, "Patter Design Magic" by Jan Bones.  If you have never had the pleasure of taking one of Jan's classes, I would highly recommend her classes, if you ever get the opportunity.  She is always a pleasure to have as an instructor.  She is thoughtful, kind very informative and knows her craft very well.  You can read about Jan and view her patterns at Lingereie Secrets but her patterns are more than lingereie.  I am always encouarged and learn new techniques every time I take one of her classes be it a short 45 minute classe or a 4 hour class, like today's class was.

Later in the afternoon we had the pleasure of meeting up with Rhonda Pierce, with Schmetz Needles for tea.  What a great group of ladies we met with to discuss blogging and sewing. 

I have taken a couple of classes that Rhonda offered in the past, and found out how much I do not know about the proper needles to use.  What once was an intimidating subject for me has become less so over the past few years.  I confess, I am still learning and enjoying the process very much. 

Did you know it takes 11 weeks from raw material to the production of a needle?  When  I first heard that a few years back, I was amazed.  With that in mind, you can see why these quality needles are the best and it helps to put into perspective the great bargain it is to purchase these wonderful needles.  My personal stash of quality needles has gone up tremendously.  Maybe when I get back home I can do a post on needles. :)

I am hoping to blg each day, provided I can get wifi access.

Happy Sewing,