Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Sewing

Here are a couple of projects I worked on this month.

First, I had a birthday gift to make for my sister.  With her gardening well underway in Texas, I thought she could use a lovely new apron.

The apron is made out a medium weight linen with extra large pockets to help her carry in some produce, or packets of seeds.

This apron is made for a friend of my daughter in law, who recently had a baby.  I made one of these for my daughter in law, after he baby was born.

When my children were little, I wore aprons to bath my babies/toddlers.  It kept me dry and most importantly, especially for babies, I was able to hold onto slippery little babies. :)  I was always afraid my baby would slip out of my hands, so having something to hold onto them with, was very helpful for me.

I made these aprons out of an extra large bath sheet.  The large pocket is designed to put an infant baby's head into it, while baby is up against the chest.  As baby grows, the bottom of the apron will work to go over baby's head.  There is a snap at the back, to hold the corners out of the way while bathing baby, and for ease of unsnapping with one hand.  The neckband is also snapped on with two snaps on one side (stitched in place on the other) to keep it in place.  The pocket is also usable for storing bath toys or wash cloths in, while bathing baby.

Good night for now! :)


SarahElisabeth Jones said...

Is that top pattern from the Daisy Kingdom pattern? I love these aprons-they really work. Some bought aprons seem more like pocket handkerchiefs. I think I need to add making a new Daisy Kingdom apron to my summer list.

Carol said...

Yes, Sarah, it's that very pattern! To make a larger pocket, I used the pocket pattern piece, skipped the pleat and placed the pattern back from the fold of the fabric...can't remember exactly how far. ;) Then I stitched a seam down the centre front to stabilize the large pocket. Would love to see what you have a lovely garden and could use this apron. :)