Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 2 KCW

I was able to make progress on the dress today, after spending a long time preparing the fabric for matching bias tape.

Lots of beautiful purple and white polka dot, cotton, bias strips.  Perfect!

-Once the fabric was prepared, then the strips were cut.
- I was able to sew my pieces together.
-I stitch some parts onto the dress, while others are still pinned on.
-All the darts and shoulder seams were stitched.

Tomorrow my goals will be:
-To stitch all the bias strips on, the first pass.
-Then I will prepare the bias strips for the second stitching.  I may well leave the second pass, which will be done by hand, until Friday and Saturday.  I have to be away from my machines those two days and I would love to keep stitching. I can bring this along as a project for those two days.
-Prepare the hem for hanging for a few days, since the back skirt portion is on the bias and needs time to hang before stitching.
-Prepare the materials for the crinoline to go with the dress.

Olivia worked at her machine again today.  She had lots of fun attempting embroidery and applique, all on her own ideas. :)   If you look closely, she got very silly and put all her threads onto her shirt.  She figured that was a great way to keep the threads before throwing them into the garbage....funny girl!
 Good Night! ;)


SarahElisabeth Jones said...

Good to hear about your sewing projects again.
Hope you are well and planning a trip to England!

Carol said...

Hi Sarah! :) Oh, it would be nice, but I have not put that on my calendar. When are you coming to Canada? :)