Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 3 KCW

Progress is being made.  Olivia's dress now has all it's bias strips on, stitched 2 times, so now all that's left is the hem and the fasteners for the front and back of the dress.  I am letting the dress sit for 48 hours to get the hem ready for finishing up.  Here's the dress on a dress form.  The dress form is a little less in measurements than Olivia.  Her measurements are a little bigger and she's a little more squishy, but you get the idea of what it looks like.  I'm moving on to the crinoline.

For tomorrow I need to :

-cut out the crinoline
-hopefully start stitching or finish stitching the crinoline
-trace off the bolero
-want to trace off 1 or 2 t-shirt patterns to stitch up before Sunday night...we shall see if I actually make it. ;)

It's nice to see the dress coming together.

Olivia continue her stitching work today as well.  She worked on making a purse for herself.  She has more work to do on it tomorrow.

 Good Night! :)

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