Saturday, April 12, 2014

KCW Day 6

Wow, how did it get to be day 6 so fast?  Time is slipping away and I am still plugging away at things.

I was home later than I had hoped, but I have worked for my 1 + hours getting some sewing done.  I started with a repair from last Easter's dress for Olivia, so that she can wear this tomorrow for the choir performance.  I made sure the crinoline I just made could be used for last year's dress and we will save her Walk Away dress for Easter.

Next, I pulled out the bias strips and have decided to use them for the hem of the Walk Away dress.  I stitched all the strips together and tomorrow, I will decide if I am going to 'bound' the edge or make a bias turned hem.  Good thing I can sleep on it as my brain is much, much, much too tired to make the decision tonight. ;)

My goal for tomorrow is to have the dress completed by day's end.  I'm almost there. :)

The Homeschool conference was wonderful!  Now, it's time for some much needed sleep to arise early tomorrow....perhaps there is a nap in there for me tomorrow....I am hoping!

Good Night :)

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