Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week, Day 2.

I finished up Olivia's dress and cut out and started the sewing of her new maxi length dress.  She's excited to finally get a maxi dress.  Olivia loves this new dress and can hardly wait for her new, new dress. :)

For this next dress, I used the same, liesl + co, 'Women's Metro T-Shirt' pattern, again using the size M through the shoulders and the size L for the width of the pattern.  It has a nice relax fit, giving Olivia time to enjoy her dress and not grow out of it, too quickly.....at least I hope she doesn't.  Olivia is growing like crazy at the moment.  She needs new clothes!

While Olivia did not dye the fabric, no time to do that, we chose a fabric she has liked for over a year, wanting a dress made from it.  Because of the lovely tie dye fabric, it makes it almost seem as if it was created by Olivia, but it was not.  This fabric is 100% cotton jersey, but we have a piece of fabric, with the exact same tie dye, in a light weight twill. :)

For day three, I will finish up the dress and hopefully start cutting the next garment.


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