Monday, July 21, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week July 2014 Day 1

It's time again for Kid's Clothes Week. I had forgotten about it until the other day.  I'm late at getting started, but I figured better late than never.  I may not make the whole week, but I'm giving it an honest try.  Today I prepped the pattern, the fabric, cut out and stitched up most of the dress.

Olivia has been away all week at AWANA camp, so I did not have her here to have her participate in the making of this dress.  I spent more than an hour today, working on this dress, having most of it done before she arrived home.  I have decided to leave the hemming for tomorrow.

Olivia picked out this fabric and really liked the bright, stripes, so I decided to make a T-shirt dress with it.  The dress form is not set up for Olivia's measurements, it's a couple sizes smaller than she is.  I used the Oliver + S pattern, Women's Metro T-Shirt, and changed it up a bit.  Instead of using the smaller size for children, I decided to use the women's sized shirt, and made a few changes to it.  I made a t-shirt for Olivia from this pattern, before she went off to camp, so I knew how it fit her and what changes I wanted to make.

Changes I made to the pattern:
I used the size M through the shoulders and then size L for the width.  The M fits, but it's too snug for my liking, so I wanted the shirt to have a more relaxed fit.  I shortened the bodice in the waist by 1", and then of course cut off the rest of the length of the shirt and added a skirt.  I also added width and a tiny bit of length to the neckband.  

Another dress from the pattern is in the works for tomorrow. :)  Olivia is also thinking of a couple of art ideas she wants to dry for a garment or two.  

Good Night....... :)

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