Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tie One On Day!

Only a couple of weeks ago, after reading the e-zine , issue # 11,  put out by Schmets Needles, I learned about Tie One On Day !  What a wonderful, wonderful idea! Since our household has both American and Canadian in it, I thought we would participate in this special day.  It's not too late to participate, even in the midst of the preparations for Thanksgiving Day, you can still share.

Being able to give someone a note of encouragement along with something baked or bought, to show you care and are thinking of them, is a wonderful way to start Thanksgiving preparations.

Here are some muffins (made by one of my sons), for a neighbour and an adjustable apron, child sized, for their grandchild when she comes to visit, or for the many other children that come to visit them. :)

This tea towel apron is an old classic with a twist of being adjustable from a size 2-8, but older people can put it on, too, in a pinch, if you don't need or want too much coverage.  This has been a popular item at my Christmas market sales this year.

The prepared gift............

So, if you are able and willing, go Tie One On today........

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

~ Carol ~

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Lisa said...

Carol, thank you for stopping by! And thanks, too, for the link, because I'd heard of Tie One On but didn't quite understand it. I will have to remember this for next year. Truthfully, most of the women I know don't like to cook, but surely I know somebody who would like this. I've got a year to think of who that might be!