Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WIFD Day 3

Today has been another cool day, but not snowy or rainy. When I checked the weather report, they said we should have temperatures up to 15 degrees C, so I thought I would trust them. I chose to wear a dress I finished making, yesterday. This one is made from a pattern by Coni Crawford, it's the Princess Sheath Dress and the fit is very good. I still needed to drop the bustpoint, by a wee bit, but overall, it went together nicely and fits very well. I changed this to be a sleeveless dress and I used bias to bound the neckline and armholes, rather than facings. I don't wear sleeveless on it's own, and I have quite the selection of sweaters I like to use as my second layer for modesty sake. The cotton sweater is by Lands' End and is a deep purple, which coordinates lovely with the variety of pink shades in the dress. The dress fabric is a cotton poly blend, with mostly cotton.

This was my 'testing' dress, as I wanted to see how close Coni's patterns actually are, to body shape. I have yet to have a pattern I have not had to alter because of my full, lower bustline. This one was close, I nearly got away without an adjustment, but in the end, I had to tweak the pattern to drop the bustpoint a wee bit. The length is shorter than I am accustomed to wearing, but it's not bad. It will do for a summer, runaround dress, with a nice pair of sandals.

As I finished typing this, I am looking out my window and it's now raining. I might have to change into something warmer for tonight. I have a meeting to attend and I don't want to freeze.

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