Monday, May 18, 2009

WIFD Day 2

Today, we awoke to snow on the ground and temperatures that had fallen, quite a bit, from yesterday's warmth. I found myself needing to slip into warmth. Along with warmth given by clothes, I wanted my 'friends' near to me, to warm up my heart and thoughts. I put on the trusty old microfiber tights with a 10 oz denim skirt that I made, years ago, and a peasant blouse that I purchased last fall. I put on my lovely, crocheted shawl, made by a dear friend, my beautiful apron, also made by a dear friend and in my hair, I put in a lovely hair ornament,also, from a dear friend. All these things kept my friends in my thoughts throughout my sewing afternoon.

My husband took the children to a museum, and I was able to stay home and sew. In a quiet house, sewing, uninterrupted, is a rarity in this home. I enjoyed my time sewing, which also gave me time to pray for family and friends. If all goes well, perhaps I can share my sewing projects, later in the week.

I hope everyone out there is staying warm.

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Mama Sewing said...

It is such blessing to have such great friends and wonderful memories to go with.
I can't wait to see what you have been working on. How wonderful that you were able to have some sewing and quiet time! (I am trying not to envy you! LOL)