Friday, October 16, 2009

Apron-Wearing WIFD Day 5

Today we had to be out of the house, for several hours. Fridays our our sports day. :) Olivia is wearing her apron over her gym dress.

For year, my most favorite apron pattern has been the old Simplicity 7481. They have since reissued that pattern, years ago, and it's now titled Simplicity 5201. I really have enjoyed this apron pattern for so many reason. Two of the great things I like about it are first, that the shoulders crisscross and stay on my shoulders. Secondly, I like that I get a wrap around, full-coverage of my dresses. I can slip it on and off quite easily. I have lost track of how many of these aprons I have made over the years.

When they first issued this pattern, they offered a girl sized apron, just like mums. Well, of course, I *had* to have one of those. :) When they reissued the adult pattern, they never did reissue the girls' sized pattern. Trying to find that pattern over the years, has become difficult for many reasons. Those who adore this apron, know this pattern is hard to find. When you find one, you usually have to pay a fortune for them. For some odd reason, in the past couple of years, they have been easier to find, much to my surprise and joy! Not many become available, but when they do, I try to snatch them up. I like being able to give these patterns as gifts to those who would appreciate them. :)

This particular apron, I had moved to the garden duty. However, I decided in honour of Apron-Wearing WIFD, I would repair it and then make one for Olivia, out of matching fabric. Obviously, her apron is much fresher and has different bias tape trim, but it's the first time she and I have the same style apron, out of the same fabric. I have never made us matching aprons, before now. ;)

To repair my apron, I used a piece of the apron fabric, underneath my tear, then I used my free motion foot, of my machine, and just played, quilting the fabric to the apron. It has been fun wearing *matching* aprons with Olivia. :)

Miss Olivia was being very silly when we were taking the pictures, it was fun having her in such a giggly mood. :)


Sunday said...

Dear Carol,
This is my favorite apron too! I need the wrap around style to help keep me clean. :) I'm wearing a thin spot in the tummy and need a new one. When I made mine, years ago, I lined it with muslin so it has great body to it.

I've loved reading along with your apron-wearing week. We have had a busy school week around here and I couldn't get pictures up. Maybe next time.

Yours near the Great Lakes,
aka quilt2day

Carol said...

Hi Sunday,

Lovely to *see* you here. I'm sorry you didn't have time to play along, this time, but hopefully you will in the future. This was a fun event for us.

I'm glad you like this pattern, too. Do you have the little girl version as well?

Enjoy your weekend.


Mama Sewing said...

Carol, I too have the adult size of this pattern (probably several copies!) and have looked on and off for the girls size. I must have always looked when they were in demand because I have yet to find one that I can at a price I can justify!

I need to make my little one and myself a set or two of matching aprons it is such a fun thing and a great memory that they will always have!

Wilene said...

not sure if my last comment went through if it did im sorry lol, i have looked everywehre for a pattern just like this my daughter and i cook together always she will turn 5 this aug :) i would love to make us matching aprons even though im not the best at sewing LOL can you help me find this pattern somewhere

Carol said...

Hi Wilene,

I purchase these off of ebay. The pattern number is: Simplicity 7856.

I love this apron pattern, it works well for children. I keep purchasing these patterns when I see them available and give them as gifts. If I see one come up, I'll try to flag you to let you know. :)