Monday, October 12, 2009

Apron-Wearing WIFD Day one

Today is day one of Apron-wearing, WIFD (Week In Feminine Dress) over at the Sense and Sensibility site. Diane had suggested this lovely idea, since so many of us wear aprons and it's always fun to see what everyone else has in their apron collection. It's also a time to encourage some of us to try and make some new ones. I have some new ones I want to make, and are in the process of being made, but they always get put on the back burner when other projects need more attention.

I am wearing an old apron, made from a Daisy Kingdom pattern. My apron had worn out in the belly area, so I learned how to use the free stitching feature on my machine and quilted a piece of fabric, from underneath, to bring a bit of new life to a favourite apron.

Olivia is wearing a very old apron, passed down from her sister. I made this when Merissa was younger then Olivia is now. You make it with a tea towel and potholder, a button and some ribbon. A quick, easy apron, for a little girl. Please excuse the lovely mismatched colours she is wearing....I know it's not correct fashion. :)

Today was a work day, getting some things done. I had planned to do more cleaning work, but I have ended up with more cooking work. I am working on a turkey soup, from a stock I had cooking overnight. I simply adore my roasting oven we purchased last year. My 30 lb turkey did very well, and having my soup stock cook overnight was a big help. I have lots of meals waiting to be made from the meat and stock that are now put away in the freezer and a little leftover for a few meals, this week.

Here are a few more pictures in our working aprons.


Kathryn said...

I love this post and adore my own roaster oven, I use it constantly!
The Precious Moments apron..well, its precious!

Persuaded said...

Why, I recognize that apron pattern! ;) and I love the idea of making an apron for a small child from dishtowels and potholders... I'll have to try that sometime☺

jennstar said...

Olivia looks so sweet in that second picture... I can see a bit of Marissa. :)
I may try to make aprons for our little girls out of towels... they are so inexpensive and have many cute patterns.
Thanks again for the meal you sent our way in our need - it was MUCH appreciated!

Carol said...

Kathryn - Do you have recipes on your blog for using your roaster? I have been experimenting, but I really should try established recipes, rather than 'winging' it. :)

Diane - I thought you might recognize that pattern. It's still one of my favorites, but I have branched out to a few others. Do try the dishtowel apron, they work great! One dishtowel works for two aprons. ;)

Jen - You are most welcome. I do hope your family enjoyed it. I only wish you lived closer so I could have helped you out. I trusted that your family was able to help out. Still praying for you and your family.

Mama Sewing said...
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Mama Sewing said...

I just adore my roaster as well - maybe adore is too strong of a word but I just think it is the best. I have the largest one I could find. I do have to say that I don't use it as often as I should since I don't have either much counter space or a a good storage area so I tend to forget it if I have put it away!
I can almost smell the delicious stock, I think we might have to have soup tonight!
You both look great in your aprons! I had forgotten that this was the week for aprons. I will go pop mine on now and see if I get any more work done!