Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apron-Wearing WIFD Day Two or is it Merry Christmas?!

Today we woke up to winter! We have cold temperatures and snow! I decided to dress warmly, thinking I would not need to go out of the house, but I was wrong. With the road conditions being perfect for all kinds of accidents, I needed to do a bit of driving. I was already dressed for the day, before realizing I was going to have to go outside in this stuff.

I am wearing my my S&S Romantic Dress that I made from embroidered linen/cotton nearly two years ago. I have my cotton, half petticoat underneath to help keep me warm. Olivia is wearing her S&S Girls' Regency Dress made out of swiss dot cotton, that's not very swiss ;). It was her Easter Dress 1.5 years ago. We are both wearing Edwardian aprons made from the S&S Patterns They are both made from cotton and most enjoyable to wear and clean. :) Yes, I wore my apron, with my dress, out of the house to do my errands. I was nice and warm. :D

I don't typically wear my hair down, especially when I am working with food, but since I was going out in the snow and cold, and I wanted to wear my warm snugly hat, to stay warm, I needed more of my hair down, than up.

Here are a couple more pictures of Olivia, working with the grain we are grinding for our bread.

I hope you all are warmly, tucked away, in your homes. :)



YayaOrchid said...


YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Carol! I took JodieR's advice and signed in with Firefox instead of Explorer, and it worked!! Yea!

Thanks for your answers to my questions about the mill grinder.

Mama Sewing said...

Olivia looks adorable as always, and you look so very beautiful and springy--are you wishing for winter to end already?

I was planning on making bread myself today, not sure if I will get to it, although we are halfway finished with making a batch of cookies!

Have a wonderful day!

Carol said...

Yaya, I'm so glad you were successful in your posting. Firefox is pretty much all I use, now.

Cheryl, tell you what? How about I trade two loaves of bread for a few of your cookies? :) You can come over and we can have coffee with those cookies, unless of course you want milk. :)

Yes, I want winter over, as it's way too early, in my books. I have broken out the hot water bottle, it's a very good friend of mine at this time of year.