Friday, August 6, 2010

Then And Now 25 Years And Counting

Last year in This post, I said I would share the story. However, I keep running out of time, so I think I will just share a bit of the joy of the day and where we are now in our lives.

This past June 1st, Michael and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Michael thought we needed a holiday away, so he booked us a trip to Paris. What a place to go for a special anniversary. We both would like to go back again.

We were very fortunate to have met at Bible School and then at the end of our second year, we were married in the beautiful chapel at school. We planned it for the evening, the day after commencement. We wanted those friends who would like to join us in our celebration, to be able to do so. Many students delayed their departures to different parts of the country, to stay and celebrate with us. We were so grateful and blessed to have our friends join us in the beautiful day the Lord made for us. Our ceremony was at 6:00 pm, which meant most students who delayed their departure, did so by two days. We were indeed spoiled with the love and gift of friendships.

We had many dear friends who were gifted with such beautiful talents in the area of music. It was hard to choose the few to participate in music in our ceremony, but we simply could not ask them all, as much as we would have liked to do that.

Knowing that God was at the center of our lives, all our music and worship revolved around our Heavenly Father and our gratefulness for His blessings to us.

As most know, having your family at your wedding is a gift. I have experienced the disappointment of being too far away to get to a sibling wedding and I always felt left out that I could not be there with them. However, my heart was there and I prayed for them.

Because Michael's home was far enough away, many friends and Danish family could not come to our wedding. What we decided to do was to have a second ceremony and meal, back in Alberta, where friends and family could join us. It was great fun to have a meal with those whom I knew very little or did not know at all. I was so pleased to meet my husband's friends and family, who were all such a big part of his life. Now I was joining him in his 'land' and starting our lives together.

Three weeks shy of our first anniversary, we were blessed with our first bundle of joy! God graciously gave us 5 more children.

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Paris.

By God's grace, we take one step, one day at a time.