Friday, November 12, 2010

WIFD Day 6 Nov. '10

In honour of Red Fridays Olivia and I are wearing red today.

I am wearing a skirt I made about 3 years ago. It was from a vintage wrap skirt pattern in which I added a flounce to it. It is made out of a linen/cotton blend fabric. I have on a cotton tank, cotton sweater, microfiber tights and belt, all from Lands' End. The linen slip I have on is made from a Burda skirt pattern I made earlier in the spring. I have on the same older 'granny' boots I have worn this week.

Olivia has on her dress I made for her, using a 1930's pattern. All the information about the dress and pattern can be found at this link. Her red fabric is the same linen/cotton fabric my skirt is made out of. Olivia enjoys wearing her wool beret. Here she is wearing it while getting ready to eat her lunch and while she plays the piano. :)

Blessings upon your day,



Anonymous said...


You have been such an inspiration to me this week. Thank you for sharing your lovely garments with me :)

Your darling daughter looks wonderful in red...and I really like your skirt, ruffles are my favorite :)


Carol said...

Hi Maria,

Ruffles are a favorite of mine, too. I was actually wondering if I should get rid of this skirt, thinking perhaps, I have 'out grown' ruffles! :P I continue to hang on to it and made a 'ruffled' purchase recently. I am getting up the courage to wear it. :)

Thank you again for stopping by.