Thursday, August 25, 2011

Western Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress

To match her brothers' Western Wear, Olivia now has a beautiful western style dress, made from the Oliver + S Jump Rope Pattern.

I had to grade up the pattern and took it up to about a size 12, which is a tad too big for Olivia at the moment, but I am sure it won't take long at the rate she is growing, to have this fitting her properly. :)

I did make some changes to the pattern, but the main was to lengthen the placket, based on reviews of the pattern and how tight the dress was to get over the head. I lengthened the placket by 2", giving me room for another snap. Olivia can get this on over head with ease.

When I graded up the pattern, I started with using the bodice from style B as it had a little more ease to it than style A.

Again, based on reviews of the pattern on the forum, I chose to shorten the belt loops, allowing the belt to stay in place a bit better.
Using my lucet, I made some cording for some piping for the collar.

I really like the looks of this dress and can see making many more from this style for Olivia. The pattern is well written and designed. Making the placket longer I think is a necessary feature, both for comfort and for ease, especially for children who are self dressing. :)

Two thumbs up for this pattern. :)

Sleep well,



Janel said...

So sweet! What size did you grade up from Carol?

Ariana LOVES the knock off pattern I made. They wear well and look great. I'm so happy with ours too.

Carol said...

Sorry, Janel, I forgot about answering this question.

I graded up from a size 8. It's a little large on Olivia, but really, she is growing so much I suspect it will fit her well in short order. :)

I enjoyed seeing your knock off, it looked wonderful on Ariana. :)