Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cloth Shopping Bags

This post was originally posted in March of 2009.  I am re-posting this in my new blog, since this was linked to by many other bloggers who had appreciated the information.  Since I first posted this, some stores have completely eliminated plastic bags as an option. HERE is a link to an article that has a list of cities and places around the world where plastic bags have been banned.

I had another posting on reusable bags which I will post again as well.

I will also add a post on cloth gift bags, which we have used for a good 21 years.

Wednesday, 04 March 2009

Cloth Shopping Bags


I am so sorry for the long, overdue, post on cloth shopping bags.  My daughter told me some time ago, I needed to update, so here is the first update on my blog, cloth shopping bags.

First, I want to say, I don’t have all the answers.   A few people have expressed interest in this topic, and I want to share what I have learned along the way, but I do not, by any means, have it all worked out.  I do have thoughts on the subject since we have been using these bags for about 19 years, and since our sons have both worked at grocery stores, I have had time to ponder the improvements of cloth shopping bags.  I thought I could give you some things to consider if you are wanting to move to the route of cloth grocery bags. I also want to note that I did not make these bags, but they are very easy to make.  They are made of outdoor fabric, ripstop nylon.  They wash up easily and I hang them to dry.  If you want to know dimensions and such, just drop me a note and if there is enough interest, I will be happy to give all the particulars on how to reproduce this bag.

Things to consider when choosing to purchase or make cloth shopping bags. 

-         Take into consideration who will be carrying these bags.  Will there be small children, medium sized children, big children or adults carrying these bags? 
-         What types of things you will be purchasing, should help to dictate the type of bag you want to bring with you.  Groceries, books, jars, canned goods, etc.
-         What type of food items will go into what types of bags. 
-         If you are purchasing meat, you will need to wash your bags so as to not cause cross contamination with other goods, as well as causing the bags to stink.
-         Are you packing your own groceries or will the clerk be packing them for you?  This makes a difference as to how the bags are handled.
-         If a clerk will be handling the bags, do they have a ‘bag stand’ for the bags?  If so, you will want to take that into consideration with what bags you will be using.  With the elimination of plastic bags, they may bring in other ‘bag stands’, but until that point in time, we should work with what they have now, and what clerks find work best for them to get their work done quickly and efficiently.
-         Fabric you want to make for your bags.  What you will be carrying in your bags and how easy it is to wash them should help dictate the fabric you choose to make these bags. 

Handles for your bags are very important.  If you get too large of a handle/handles, it will make it impossible to carry your bags for little people.  Also, if the bag is full of heavy items, it will make it impossible to carry.  Having two, shorter handles, verses one long handle, is a much better option when carting groceries.  A shoulder sized handle is better suited for light weight items, clothing, shoes, etc. and some books, but they don’t work very well for carting groceries.  If you are like me, and you like your little people to help bring in the groceries, you want to make the process as easy and pleasurable for them as possible.  Realistically, our family has been using cardboard boxes and crates, more than the cloth bags, since the bulk of my shopping is now done at Costco.  However, my handy red cloth bags are still my favorite grocery bag.

When traveling to other countries, in particular, make sure you bring your cloth bags with you for carting around your treasures.  This is where I find the longer handles/shoulder handles come in handy.  You can put your newly purchased books in there, put your extra sweater, lunch, water bottle and map in there as well, while you walk and walk and walk.

Happy cloth bag shopping!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

War of 1812 Bicentennial Article From Macleans Magazine

HERE is a link to the MACLEANS Magazine that talks about the War of 1812 from a Canadian perspective.  Well worth the read, especially for my fellow Americans.

Growing up in Washington State, I do not recall learning about the War of 1812 in my US History class.  I vaguely remember learning the date of the war in a list of wars, but that was about it.  That was many moons ago, I am wondering if that has changed in the public schools since I was once in it.

As one who enjoys sewing and wearing clothing of the 1812 era, I thought this was an appropriate article for people to read.   I am hoping to find an event that I can go to, all dressed up.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Pictures

Since Merissa had recently gotten back from her last photography course, I thought it would be nice if she could do fall pictures of the children for me. :)  These pictures were taken about 3 weeks ago, while we still had warm fall weather.

Olivia is wearing her Jump Rope dress that I made to match the boys' Western wear shirts.

It was fun to see the pictures once Merissa was done editing them.  Dear Samuel was being his mischievous self, giving his sister a little extra work, but they all had a wonderful time in the process. :)

I delighted in seeing the final product. :)  Memories captured for years to come...always precious!

Thank you, Merissa!  Love you!